About us

Health and Wellbeing Scotland provides training, education and complimentary therapies (CT).
Our head office is based in Buchanan St in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

Dr Clayton Perks (chiropractor) created Health and Wellbeing Scotland after 30 years in the fields of training, education and health care in Australia and the UK. Clayton developed “The Wellness Sequence” which is a combination of nutrition, NLP and chiropractic to provide solutions for physical, chemical and emotional wellbeing.

The Wellness Sequence is the best of Australian health and lifestyle combined with Scottish innovation and determination.

Clayton is an athlete and played football and baseball in Australia and trained as a high school teacher in the 1980’s. He then returned to University and completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide and then a Master of Chiropractic degree at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. After graduating in 1993 he moved to Belfast in Northern Ireland and has since gone on to open and run 20 Chiropractic clinics in Glasgow and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The demand for Complementary Therapies such as NLP, chiropractic and nutrition has been extraordinary as more and more people seek simple, safe, effective treatments without the use of drugs of surgery. Clayton’s group has seen over one million individual client consultations in the past 10 years alone. This means we have an enormous amount of real world experience and expertise and have conducted an enormous amount of research and development.

Our mission is find the safest most effective therapies and this is what we’ve done. We are more than happy to test and trial The Wellness Sequence that we’ve developed against any mainstream or complimentary therapies currently available on the market today. We believe the huge amount of time and financial investment we’ve made over the past 20 years is now producing results only dreamed of even 5 years ago as the advancement in ideas and technology has been so rapid.

Clayton also trained in the field of NLP with the co-creator Dr Richard Bandler in 1999 and trained with him for a further 8 years. He was fortunate enough to work as his apprentice for 2 years and attended over 50 trainings in the USA, Europe and Mexico with Dr Bandler. This enabled Clayton to develop his skills in NLP DHE and NHR to the highest levels.

“When I saw and experienced first hand how fast Dr Bandler was able to get positive behavioural change in people I knew straight away that that was the way forward for me. It has enable me to help hundreds of people over the past 12 years to remove fears, phobias and mental barriers so they can lead more productive, happy lives. Dr Bandlers work has simplified the complex and unlocked the secrets of human behaviour and thinking, so everyone can access his work and technology. For too long the field of thinking and behaviour change was shrouded in complexity and mystery. Now there are simple effective tools available that virtually anyone can learn thanks to the work of Dr Richard Bandler. ”

Nutrition is also a major part of life as an athlete. Over many years and many different experiments with diet, Clayton stumbled across a surprising discovery.  In early 2000 our family went on a gluten free diet as my middle son is autistic. Gluten free was a recommended diet so all the family went on to it for convenience. We all reported improved health even my oldest son. The change was quite remarkable. Several years later while attending a conference in New Jersey in the US someone recommend that gluten free didnt really work unless you go “zero gluten”. So as a family we tried this and we all reported bigger changes and improvement in health. We still ate gluten free pizza pasta and bread.

In recent years the paleo diet which advocates against eating grain altogether has become popular.

Ive simply combined the lot and the results have been stunning. Loss of bloating, weight loss, more energy of back pain virtually gone for most patients. Simple and affordable solutions. No grain and most importantly ZERO gluten in the diet gets the most positive change.

Please check out www.NoGrainNoBackPain.com

The breakthrough when working with patients with back pain is simply astonishing. I recommend it for anyone with chronic back pain, even patients with serious disc injuries.

The no grain zero gluten diet also other surprising benefits. In my opinion its a major cause of phobias. I use this same diet with clients before I do any NLP work with them. Again its producing very effective change.

It also works effectively for weight loss and improved energy.

Dr Perks (chiropractor) now runs 20 chiropractic clinics in the UK, Health and Wellbeing Scotland , NLP courses and consults to individuals and companies.

Health and Wellbeing Scotland. New innovation with Complementary Therapies getting measureable levels of positive change.