NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps with the emotional side of health and well being. It gives you the ability to control your own brain and emotions. Learn the processes involved to make better decisions. Ask better questions to find better solutions. There are many simple powerful skills that you can easily learn to improve your emotional health.

In grade 3 in primary school they taught you that you have 5 senses. It would have been very handy if they had taught you how to run them!

Come and learn how to run  your own senses today.

Whats your solution ?

Health and Wellbeing Scotland

Clayton Perks The Wellness Sequence zero gluten no grain no back pain back pain neck pain joint stiffness headache migraine IBS bloating constipation diarrhea OCD PTSD stress anxiety panic attacks phobias depression low confidence low self esteem chiropractic paleo diet dyslexia ADD alcohol abuse drug addiction fear body image anorexia bulimia NLP NHR


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