People want simple, powerful solutions for better health, wellness, function and decision making

If one thing works ie NLP for behaviour change……… and zero gluten and no grain diet works for health and energy…….. and ABC chiropractic works ……. then what happens when you get everything working in synergy.

All components of health working together.

The results can be astounding.

Thats what the Wellness Sequence is designed to do.

Astounding results due to physical chemical and emotional synergy.

Astounding positive health changes through simple synergy.

Clayton Perks The Wellness Sequence zero gluten no grain no back pain back pain neck pain joint stiffness headache migraine IBS bloating constipation diarrhoea OCD PTSD stress anxiety panic attacks phobias depression low confidence low self-esteem chiropractic second brain paleo diet dyslexia ADD alcohol abuse drug addiction fear body image anorexia bulimia NLP NHR NLP second brain Second Brain Syndrome :
second brain syndrome includes back pain neck pain headache migraine IBS irritable bowel syndrome anxiety stress panic attacks and depression second brain syndrome second brain syndrome
Healing the second brain