How we do it:

We use a combination of nutrition, NLP and ABC Chiropractic.

This is our basic starting point for most patients:

1. Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin.

2. Zero Gluten Lifestyle
40% lean meat, 40% vegetable, 20% fruit.
Drink water.

3. Chiropractic body work to remove nerve interference and physical stress from the spine.

4. NLP and deep relaxation procedures to reset and refresh both body and mind.

Dr Clayton Perks (chiropractor) has 32 years experience in teaching, training, consulting and health care.

“Our company has seen over one million consultations in the past 10 years alone. We have a vast amount of real world experience.  Our aim is to provide safe, powerful, effective complimentary therapies so people can improve their overall health and wellbeing. We aim to provide effective safe solutions without the use of drugs or surgery.”

Clayton Perks The Wellness Sequence zero gluten no grain no back pain back pain neck pain joint stiffness headache migraine IBS bloating constipation diarrhea OCD PTSD stress anxiety panic attacks phobias depression low confidence low self esteem chiropractic paleo diet dyslexia ADD alcohol abuse drug addiction fear body image anorexia bulimia NLP NHR