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The Wellness Sequence (TWS) teaches people how to run their brains, control their body chemistry and enjoy great physical health. The Wellness Sequence (TWS) addresses individual needs as well as corporate and business groups, through comprehensive training and coaching. Using TWS, positive results can be immediate.

TWS is a health and lifestyle solution for those interested in being fully alive, fully engaged with life and reaching their full potential both emotionally and physically. Better health, better relationships, better self esteem, better you. TWS focuses on three key components, all working in synergy.

  • Emotional/positive thinking/brain work (NLP)
  • Remove back pain/improve posture/improve strength (Chiropractic)
  • Great nutrition/great body chemistry (Zero Gluten, Zero Grain lifestyle)/healing the gut (second brain)

You are not alone in seeking solutions.
TWS is here to help you achieve your health and personal goals.
Beware...positive results can occur rapidly!

Level 3
41 St Vincent Place
Glasgow G1 2ER
0141 248 1275


Nutrition Solutions : I use a simple and effective No grain No gluten rule. Im talking zero gluten. Not gluten free or lower gluten. It really kicks in when you are close to zero gluten. 40% lean meat and eggs. 40 % vegetables¬† (minimal potatoes and rice) 20% fruit. drink water. No beer lager or […]

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps with the emotional side of health and well being. It gives you the ability to control your own brain and emotions. Learn the processes involved to make better decisions. Ask better questions to find better solutions. There are many simple powerful skills that you can easily learn to improve your […]

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ABC Chiropractic

I have worked as a chiropractor for 20 years, and currently own 20 chiropractic clinics throughout the UK.¬†After doing various forms of body work for over 20 years, the most effective method I have found is a type of chiropractic called ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction). ABC is safe and effective¬† for correcting a range of […]

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